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I totally forgot that livejournal automatically posts over at facebook. Ah well.

Happy weekending, y'all!

seems I only post when things are down

Sorry about that...for about a month now I have been wrestling with a rare form of Vasculitis known as Henloch Schonlein Purpura. Here's a good article on it...http://www.jfponline.com/pages.asp?aid=1957&UID=

Anyway, at this moment I am unable to walk, have had more blood drawn than Eli from Let the Right One In could drink in a week, have stitches (from a biopsy), am becoming very emotional from the corticosteroids and am having to rely on my mother to help me with things around my apartment (to which she is beyond happy to help). I'm very lucky, though. I have great friends who have been incredibly accommodating and supportive. A new friend was kind enough to carry me to my bed because I couldn't walk...one of my best friends sat with me today and brought me lunch...and this thing doesn't seem to be affecting my kidneys. So yeah, things aren't all bad. :)


It has been a pretty big week around here. The big big news is that my mother, after being divorced for 15 years is getting married tomorrow to a great guy. I'm so happy for her. I'm still wrapping my head around the idea of mom in a new house with a new name and adding to the family, but I am very happy for my mom and her soon to be husband. :)

The other not-so-big but exciting (for me) news...I finally got rid of the Money Pit and bought a new car. Brand spanking new Beetle Convertible...yes, another VW, but if anything goes wrong with this one, it is not my problem...it'll go right back to the dealer.

oh...what else...nothing. I think, despite my best mental efforts, I'm going to happy hour. I need to save $...am buying a few cases of champagne tomorrow (no, I'm not that much of a lush [stop it, I can hear you laughing in disagreement], it's for my mom's wedding).

Hope you are all doing well! Cheerio, fine folk!


Ah Grant Lee Phillips, your voice is a comforting one...

It's been ages since I've posted, and it would really take too long to mention everything that has been going on...so weee, an abridged list:

  • Festivals! I believe I posted after Lollapalooza, if not, oops...that was a lot of fun, as was ACL Festival. Great music, fantastic friends, amazing cities.

  • 30! I am.

  • My apartment is almost looking like I want. I have the guest room to turn into an office, as it is currently one massive recycling bin.

  • My mom is getting married!!! He's a cool guy. I'm happy for them.

  • I am officially no longer married...my maiden name has also been restored. Despite being almost 10 months since the "split", it was the hardest thing I have ever done.

  • I am teaching dance at the studio where I take classes. Youngest group I have ever taught, 3-5!. A definite challenge, but I'm excited about it.

  • My car still sucks. I hope to be driving something else within a month.

  • Julian is fantastic. I love when he is here. The sweetest cat ever.

  • I finally finished The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'm about halfway through The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. FUNNNEEEE.

  • I lost my teddy bear. I am hesitant to write about as I'm not exaggerating when I say that I am pretty devastated by this. I've had this bear forever...hopefully wherever he is, he's cared for. :(

  • I overheard a REALLY FREAKING AMAZING piece of information...that I'm not going to share, but I know a few of you will be insanely happy if it comes to fruition.

  • Love? I still believe in it and hope it comes my way someday.

  • I have the best friends anyone could ask for. I've been really selfish with my time and haven't done the best job keeping in touch, and I still get the sweetest check up messages. I really do appreciate and love it...even though I may not do a good job of showing it.

A'ight, enough of that. Take care.

I'm still alive :)

Not a lot to say. Work is busy. Life is going on...

I'm still reading your posts, sorry I haven't said much lately.

Love you all,


This was a really terrific weekend. Celebrated being 30 at my favorite bar with some of my favorite people…spent an afternoon with my mom…celebrated two friends’ birthdays on Saturday—but took it very easy and just had an enjoyable time. Finally hung some of the pictures I’ve had sitting around. Bought a new kitchen rug at West Elm. My apartment is starting to look like a home…after 7 months.

Speaking of home, I have Julian this month…he is so sweet! Dave Milwaukee popped by yesterday and got a picture of us:
My Julian and me




Alright, seriously…I wish I was kidding but every minute feels like an hour. I just have 35 minutes left, but it feels like a lifetime. I want to be out of here! I’m ready for the weekend, which will undoubtedly fly by and only feel like a couple hours. Sigh.

I am so looking forward to dressing up and seeing my lovelies tonight.

Oh, so I know I’ve probably mentioned this before, but “Do You Believe in Love” by Huey Lewis & the News is the official song of the summer. Listen to it…love it.

Okay 30 minutes to go…countdown…to…extinction freedom. Goin’ to the store after work, have a nice long list…I maybe go to the store once or twice a month now, it’s weird…but that means by the end my fridge is looking quite bare. Thank God for Parmalat…that stuff lasts forever and allows me to go so long w/o buying milk.

I can’t stop thinking about the Doctor Who finale. I’m so freaking confused…and I don’t know how I feel about…ah, spoilers.

20 minutes…I can do this.

Very sad breaking news (well, to me at least)…my ferret Marley (1999 – 2004)’s best friend Nigel passed away. He was a really great little ferret.

back in the saddle again

And I’m back…

Chicago was great, Lollapalooza was awesome. I posted pictures in flickr… http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamesela/. Good times. I believe my favorite set of all was Flogging Molly…I also loved Nine Inch Nails, Raconteurs, Devotchka, Yeasayer, Radiohead, Chromeo…ah, I could keep going for a while…

I am having a hard time readjusting. I haven’t been staying up late but I’m just so run down. I turned 30 on Monday, and spent the evening watching the Doctor Who finale (both parts). I am at a loss as far as the finale goes…totally.

I was able to pick up Julian yesterday. He was so insanely affectionate and sweet last night, except he kept me awake trying to bite at me and play all night. I wouldn’t respond and he’d cry. Ack. This sometimes happens the first night he’s back, I think he’s excited to see me…which makes me happy, but I’m so tired! I had my milk and vegetable juice (not at the same time, gross!) this morning and am now on to coffee. Maybe it will all kick in. C’mon…

Approx 1 hour later: Well, I’m awake but with a massive headache…fabulous.

luck be a lady...

The past, oh, 16 hours have been a blast. After work yesterday I picked up Julian, who was to be staying at my apartment for the next month (yay!). Annnyway, I pick up Jules and then drop a key off with a friend who will be feeding him while I’m in Chicago. I usually let him curl up in the backseat, but this time, since I was making a stop, I used his pet carrier. Anyway, I pull in to my apartment and my landlord pulls up right beside me (I’m not supposed to have pets). I muttered curse words to myself and decided to go grab my laundry (I legitimately had planned to do laundry) and figure out a way to skirt the time and sneak Julian in (he’s a big loud boy, would totally be noticed). So I go in my apartment to grab the laundry bag and I hear water. Hmmm…I start walking down the hallway and the carpet is soaking wet. The hot water heater had leaked all over the place. Damn. So I’m rushing around trying to hide all evidence of cat (moving the litter box to another closet…putting his food bowls in the microwave…etc.). There were a few granules of litter around where his box was (in the hot water heater closet)…so hopefully that won’t totally give it away. And my apartment does not smell like cat, nor is there fur everywhere…it was just a massive WTF?!?

I meet my landlord outside (who was actually not there for the water heater…but he was installing new carpet in the apartment below) and he was shocked, but took action immediately. I have a really good landlord (except the not being allowed to have pets thing…but I understand). So yeah, he said he would pull up the affected carpet and replace the padding (after the carpet and subfloor dries). And a new hot water heater will be installed (sometime today). So basically, this means I need to find somewhere to take Julian and I either skip a shower in the morning or take a freezing cold one…I chose A and feel absolutely disgusting…especially after being at the Mercy Lounge last night (She & Him—amazingly awesome) and later the Cue’s…argh.

The cat? I took him back to Dave’s house and my friend (who actually lives just a mile from Dave’s) is going to feed him there. Hopefully all will be right with the world on Monday and I’ll be able to come home, retrieve my cat and have a dry apartment…

Okay, soooo…also, apparently when they say “take with food” on the vitamin label, they mean immediately. A whopping five minutes after I took my vitamin I got sick and returned it…along with an antibiotic and other script…great. I’m making a huge effort to get healthy…I’ve been drinking a glass of milk every morning (okay, okay…it’s been chocolate, but half chocolate and half skim), V8 juice as soon as I get to work, just one cup of coffee and at least 8 cups of water. My blood pressure is not where it needs to be and I really don’t want to be on another prescription. :(

Okay, I’ve rambled long enough. Time to get through the work day, go home, shower, meet up w/ my friend and hit the skies to Chicago!

it's still hard

You think I'd be used to it by now, but it is still so painful to return Julian. It's just for a week and I'll have him through August, but it is still hard. How do divorced people with children cope? I am having a hard enough time with a cat. :(

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